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AP Ensemble by Aditya Prakash


Indian classical and folk music intersects with brass band jazz, hip hop, and funk

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The AP Ensemble, founded by award-winning vocalist Aditya Prakash, brings together some of the most exciting and dynamic jazz, hip hop and Indian classical musicians from LA to create a boldly innovative and powerful mix of the deep rooted tradition of Indian classical ragas, chants and rhythms with the modern sounds of brass band arrangement, jazz harmony, and hip hop-infused rhythms and spoken word. 

With the increasing socio-cultural influence of the South Asian Diaspora, particularly Bollywood culture in America, this group seeks to bring to the fore the roots from which both Indian classical and pop traditions have evolved. The Ensemble has created an outlet for the Indian classical and jazz aesthetic to shine forth in an accessible, modern, playful yet powerful and dynamic way.

Note: AP Ensemble provides the live music for the multi-discliplinary Indian dance production MARA.

American-born Indian-classical vocalst Aditya Prakash has been training in Carnatic classical vocal since the age of 8 and began performing solo vocal concerts at age 12. At the age of 16, he was one of the youngest musicians to tour and perform with multi-Grammy winner sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar. Aditya has also collaborated with stellar musicians Anoushka Shankar, Karsh Kale, and Salim Merchant to name a few.



The melody and the classical music of India blended beautifully with the harmony of the western, creating a background that rose and flowed with the action and mood of the dancers… It turned out to be an explosion of sounds that crossed genres…An added asset had to be the deep vocals of Aditya Prakash.
Nimmi Raghunathan, India Journal
AP Ensemble memserizes Hyderabad…enjoyed every note of the jugalbandhi that combined the nuances of carnatic music and jazz when Los Angeles based AP Ensemble performed…The Indian-American vocalist, Aditya Prakash, won over the audience as he touched the classical high notes and combined jazz with it to perfection.
Deepu Joseph, The Times of India
Musician Aditya Prakash would like us to see Indian music in a new light, a light that is both modern and respectful of ancient customs, as well as capable of marrying Eastern and Western musical traditions in order to create a sound that is wholly of the 21st century.
Jason McMackin, Candid Music Group
While it’s difficult to characterize the group’s sound, you eventually realize, there’s no need to. They find a tasteful way to blend jazz, classical Indian music, hip hop, and really anything you can imagine…With a loaded band behind him, Prakash’s final product is a refreshing, entertaining, and very intriguing mash-up that completely disregards traditional musical boundaries.
Daniel Richman, Candid Music Group
Aditya Prakash’s voice is spell-binding and transports one to the heights and depths that only classical music can; the ensemble’s work demonstrates tremendous vigor and creativity, bringing to life for a new generation on distant shores the immortal works of mystical poets. After their visit to the University of Montana, I frequently ran into people, known and unknown, who raved about their performance.
Ruth Vanita, University of Montana


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JASS Quartet

JASS Quartet is a classical contemporary blend of Carnatic Raga, North Indian folk and classical rhythms, and jazz‘s harmonic structure create a distinctly evocative sound that maintains the Indian classical and jazz aesthetic, while pushing the boundaries of these traditions to create a refreshingly new sound.

Live Performance 1 | Live Performance 2

Traditional Carnatic Vocal Performance

Aditya has been performing Carnatic vocal concerts for the past 13 years and has performed solo concerts at prominent venues throughout India and USA. He has been recognized by leading institutions of Carnatic music, gaining recognition for his impressive performances.

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